Icon Source unlocks the powerful endorsement world for all athletes/agents, all brands, and all budgets.

Until now, affinity marketing through celebrity endorsements was an exclusive arena only accessible to big brands and big names. This doesn’t make sense in a world where social media and online platforms have transformed our ability to access and interact with each other. Founder Chase Garrett, an award-winning leader in Sports Marketing, recognized the incredible opportunity that an online marketplace could provide for sports endorsements across brands, agents, and athletes in untapped segments of the industry. Icon Source has innovated the relationship between athletes and brands by providing expert strategy and production services along with its unique, on-demand marketplace platform. This groundbreaking intersection of sports marketing and technology connects all levels and ranges of brands and celebrity athletes to allow direct matches with ideal opportunities.


Icon Source does not directly represent the athletes but provides a safe and secure platform for agents to showcase their athletes and increase their earning potential.

Icon Source allows for agents to scale their efforts in order to bring more opportunities to their athletes. Agents can pick and choose the opportunities they know are best fit for their athletes as well as bring the most value to a brand. This will allow agents and athletes to maximize the opportunities and earning potential of every athlete.

Icon Source transcends the traditional Sports Marketing industry. It tears down barriers through its exclusive online marketplace, while benefiting all current players. By leveraging iconic athletes and real-time social media strategies, Icon Source can jumpstart the same top-of-mind takeover strategies in your market that took decades for historic cult brands to accomplish.


Using athletes to enhance your brand is often limited to mega brands with mega budgets, but with Icon Source, any company, large or small, can have access to a network as if they were a billion-dollar sports brand.

Icon Source allows your brand to execute short-term, time sensitive engagements to broaden impact across multiple markets simultaneously. It is designed for brands to have access and engage and acquire athletes and/or influencers for endorsements, appearances, and social media posts to build your brand influence.

The process is easy; we provide an efficient workflow, clear conversations, and simple contracts. This process allows for brands to save time, money, and open opportunities once only available to a few companies. Icon Source is a platform for national and local brands, both large and small.


Current Process

Limited to mega brands with mega budgets:

  • - High Profile Brands and Athletes
  • - Requires Long-Term Contract
  • - Lacks Immediate Impact
  • - Not Market Specific
  • - Not Measurable

    Maximize centers of influence.


    Icon Source:

  • - Expands current market with new platform
  • - Embraces current marketplace (all players benefit)
  • - Easily accessible to all brands, athletes, and agents
  • - Connects brands and athletes based on affinity attributes
  • - Monetizes social media following for athletes
  • - Secure & Closed dialogue between Athlete, Agent, and Brand
  • Free to Join

    "No charge until we bring you value... guaranteed."