In 2021, a significant change will be happening to college sports as athletes will have the ability to profit from their name, image and likeness (NIL). Icon Source is the only full-service platform ready to facilitate deals and ensure institutions and student-athletes are ready for this next stage.


College athletics is evolving, and no one is more prepared than Icon Source.

Looking beyond social media, Icon Source is ready to help student-athletes capitalize on their NIL across ALL activations – from guest appearance to autograph signings, speaking events, endorsement deals, social media and more – while protecting the school and current sponsors.


While trying to maximize a student’s value is important, there are many pitfalls that student-athletes must be prepared to navigate when it comes to NIL.

These are the most important X’s and O’s

  • Understanding sponsorship infringements
  • Pit falls in sports marketing
  • Tax implications
  • Navigating the deal structure
  • Protecting their personal brand
  • Maximizing their name, image, and likeness
  • Understanding current and future NCAA regulations


Icon Source is fully functional and customizable to meet the institutions needs for monitoring and reporting NIL compensations at all levels.

Automated Emails

  • Signed Contracts
  • Required Compliance Data

Oversight Accounts

  • API Integration
  • Athlete interactions
  • Signed contracts
  • Athlete Schedules

Compensation Analytics

  • Alerts for variances to student compensation
  • Minimize pay for play issues

Contract Wizard

  • Likeness & Name Concerns
  • Liabilities to school, conferences, & NCAA minimized

Automated Phone Messaging

  • Obligation/Event Reminders
  • Rules and Regulation Refreshers Prior to Events

Lock Accounts

  • Max Salary Reached
  • Athletic Season in progress


  • Hyper Local
  • Exposure to Brands
  • Facilitates Payments
  • Simple User Interface
  • Single 1099
  • Agent Friendly, per NCAA requirements


No one is more suited to advise institutions or student-athletes than Icon Source’s founder and CEO, Chase Garrett. A former professional athlete, agent and athlete manager for Red Bull, he has been on every side of endorsement deals.

Icon Source was established to increase the monetary value of athletes, while protecting their best interest. There’s no one who understands the dynamic world of sports marketing better than Icon Source.

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