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Why Use Icon Suite?

Hey, this is Drew Butler, Executive Vice President of Icon Source. We're almost one year into the NIL era. And man, we have learned a lot. First things first, we have learned that the NIL ecosystem is extremely fragmented and that's due to a few different reasons. Let's break 'em down. Companies are still trying to sell universities their software services, which oftentimes the student-athletes aren't even using. Second, brands don't know where or how to access student-athletes. If the student-athletes do get a deal, oftentimes they're not even disclosing it as the schools want. It's being reported that less than 15% of all NIL deal activity is not being disclosed per university requirements. Recruiting has become such a part of the NIL era. And the worst part is all that information being used in recruiting can hardly be verified.

I'm here to present the Icon Suite powered by Icon Source. The Icon Suite is an NIL software platform that is 100% free to universities and their student-athletes. First, the Icon Suite will provide every single university a free branded gateway, a marketplace in which brands can connect with your student- athletes to facilitate endorsement deals. This will keep a true arm's length away for universities and student-athletes when providing opportunities. Second, when a student-athlete gets an opportunity, Icon Source provides full automatic and manual disclosures so that all activity can be done in one place. And third, and maybe most importantly, the Icon Suite includes a compliance and administrative login that will allow you at the university to have full access and ultra transparency to all activity, analytical data, and metrics so that you can know exactly what's going on within the Icon Suite and your student- athletes. And the best part, again, it is 100% free to the universities and your student-athletes. That's right. No cost, no commitment, and no contract. This is NIL 2.0. Welcome to the Icon Suite powered by Icon Source.



Free university branded exchange for local and national brands



State of the art compliance login to oversee deal flow and rapid metrics and analytics


Brand Education

Icon Source’s sales team educates brands on the rules associated with working with a school and their athletes

Universities That Use Icon Suite Will Have…

Greater visibility of your school’s NIL landscape →

Monitor and manage athlete endorsement opportunities as they develop in real time. Easily track deal metrics by gender and sport while giving brands access to your school’s athletes in one central location.

Ability to monitor state and NCAA NIL compliance →

Reduce the risk of NIL violations and federal lawsuits with full transparency into potential sponsorships and endorsements.

More profitable athletic departments →

Reduce year-over-year costs. Icon Suite is already built and ready for use, all you need is your university admin login. It’s also free for schools and athletes—no hidden fees.

Better analytics and tracking →

By providing a platform for universities to manage and analyze athlete endorsement deals, athletic departments are able to use this data for a multitude of purposes.

Why Icon Source?

Icon Source has been forging meaningful connections between brands and athletes since 2019. From college to the pros—brands, athletes, and their agents trust us as the leading marketplace for athletic endorsements.

Universities Are at the Core of NIL

Icon Suite was created to give school compliance officers and athletic departments the oversight they need to ensure athletes are engaging in legal and fair endorsement deals. Monitor compliance, save money for athletic departments, and easily report NIL deals by sport in a single, free platform. Athletes have enough to worry about on the field. Our platform lets them focus on what’s important—playing—while ADs and compliance officers have an extra layer of protection to ensure they avoid NIL violations.


Each university has the opportunity to link out to Icon Suite on their edu website. They may, however, choose to keep the portal detached from their website completely, allowing visibility only to relevant parties such as athletes, compliance officers, and athletic directors.

Yes! An email will be sent to an admin registered to the portal for immediate, real-time review of proposals sent by brands. NCAA NIL compliance is our goal, along with providing a free NIL data reporting application. Icon Source created this portal to give universities full transparency into all deals coming to their athletes.

Title IX was passed as part of the Educational Amendments of 1972. It prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or other education program that receives funding from the federal government. To remain compliant, universities taking part in NIL for collegiate athletes must provide equal education, collateral, and resources for all athletes at the university.

Yes! With Icon Source's NCAA portal login (branded individually by school), you can track metrics for each player, sport, gender, and more.

With the college NIL landscape still very much in its infancy, we think it’s important that universities are able to easily track their athletic departments’ data, remain compliant, and fulfill Title IX obligations. We’re proud to have a number of schools already enrolled and using our platform.

Because Icon Suite is a free, no contract required platform, none of the information on our website falls under FOIA.

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