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Drew Butler

VP, Collegiate

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Hey, this is Drew Butler from Icon Source, thrilled to be announcing the launch of Icon Access powered by Icon Source. What is Icon Access? Icon Access is NIL for all. Icon Access is a progressive brand partnership program that allows any and every NCAA student-athlete access to discount codes, special offers, and cash incentives from some of the premier companies in America. At Icon source, we know that all student-athletes have name, image, and likeness value and Icon Access is the first step in getting familiar with athletic endorsements and paid brand deals. Start by capitalizing on your name, image, and likeness with a very simple process. Create your free Icon Source profile, opt into Icon Access, complete a simple social media directive, and start reaping the benefits now. Head on over to, download the Icon Source app, and get started with Icon Access. At Icon Source, we want to make sure that every student-athlete has the opportunity to participate in the new NIL era, and this is it. Icon Access powered by Icon Source.

The 98%

Since the advent of the Supreme Court ruling in June of 2021, a total of 28 states have passed laws legalizing student-athletes’ ability to profit off of their Name, Image, and Likenesses (NIL).

The first thing that usually comes to people’s minds when thinking about icon sponsorship is the top players of the season getting big deals from big brands; first-string quarterback DJ Uiagalelei of Clemson, who recently signed a deal with Bojangles; or Bryce Young, who signed a large brand endorsement with CashApp before even playing in his first Alabama football game.

But athletes who come into their Freshman year of college already prepared for fame, with an agent and a whole host of eyes watching their every move, are not the only student-athletes interested in and eligible for brand sponsorship. In fact, starting quarterbacks make up .0003% of the student-athlete population in the US. The other 99.999% of all student-athletes don’t necessarily know where to start when it comes to landing brand deals and athletic endorsements.

Icon Access

Knowing that young and lesser-known student-athletes might have troubles navigating how to land a brand endorsement, Icon Source launched Icon Access; an initiative that is centered around helping the 98% of student-athletes who don’t know how to start when it comes to NIL profitability do just that— get started.

Icon Access is a progressive brand endorsement program that offers NCAA student athletics access to brand discounts, special offers, and cash incentives, in exchange for something like a social post of a brand graphic, or a video featuring a company’s product.

The only things being asked is that the student-athletes post on either Instagram (story or post) or Twitter, a co-branded graphic. Nothing more. This is to satisfy the quid pro quo that is required for all NIL deals. It is an incredibly simple way for student athletes of any school, sport, grade or fame level to take the first step in capitalizing upon their NILs by increasing their exposure to athletic sponsorships and paid brand deals.

IconSource: A Trusted and Secure Platform

Icon Source is a digital point-of-contact for student-athletes to communicate with these brands, and for brands to communicate with student-athletes. Icon Source is a safe and secure online platform that connects student-athletes with brands and brands with athletes in order to make the process of beginning a brand deal smoother.

Having a resource like Icon Source to find and create brand deals that are real and veritable is advantageous for both brands and athletes alike. Using Icon Source avoids the chances of running into scams or fake deals, something that is very important for student-athletes who don’t have the assistance of an agent or PR team to navigate the world of sponsorships and endorsements.

Brands, in turn, have a quick and easy way to see which athletes are looking for brand deals, and now, with Icon Access, a place to post brand deals that any athlete can leverage. Brands are showing interest in this model of marketing and sponsorship because it leads to a ton of exposure. When participating in Icon Access, athletes execute whatever simple marketing tactic brands post in order for the athlete to receive the incentive, discount, product, etc. promised by the brand. When they do this, brands are shown on many different accounts to many different audiences, with very little effort for a brand, barring the post of the original offering.

NIL For All

The driving force behind this model of brand deals is the idea that the recent NIL legislation is something that can and should benefit all student athletes, regardless of whether the student-athlete has an agent or a following. It’s an easy way for companies to show their support of student-athletes’ ability to capitalize upon their hard work, while benefiting their business as well.

Icon Access would not be possible without the willingness of brands to collaborate and help make icon sponsorship for the 98% tangible. When approached with the proposition of participating in Icon Access, brands jumped at the opportunity to provide discounted products and incentives for athletes in a safe online environment, creating a zero cost to entry option for any and all NCAA student-athletes to take advantage of their NILs.

The Icon Access model is beneficial for brands because student-athletes come to them instead of spending time and money trying to figure out which athletes are actually interested in a brand sponsorship. Companies can post an offering on Icon Source’s marketplace and let the athletes come to them. It’s a natural pairing process that gives brands a list of viable athletes with whom they can start to build long-lasting partnerships.

The inaugural Icon Access program brands include athletic endorsements from YouTube, Freshly, Mossy Oak, Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza, and Otter Products. Through Icon Source’s program, these companies will offer over $50 million in products, discounts, and incentives to college athletes, with new brands enveloped into the program every 90 days with offers.

What’s Next for Icon Access

Once launched, Icon Source is excited to see Icon Access gain momentum. This program is instantaneously providing access to icon sponsorships for more student-athletes than any initiative or deal in the exciting (albeit, short) history of NIL.

If you’re a brand that wants to provide an offering to student-athletes in the next 90-day Icon Access cycle, reach out to us today. We are excited to work together to provide opportunities for every student-athlete to take advantage of their Name, Image, and Likeness.


What is being asked of the student-athletes?

The process is simple: Icon Source will allow ANY student-athlete on the platform to opt-in to Icon Access. Student-athletes can make an account, for free, on Icon Source and then sign up for Icon Access. Once signing a simple contract, the student-athlete will post a branded graphic on their social media page (Instagram or Twitter), and then the brands will send them their exclusive benefits, offers, or incentives. Icon Access is an incredibly simple way for student-athletes of any school, sport, grade, or fame level to take the first step in capitalizing upon their NILs by increasing their exposure to athletic sponsorships and paid brand deals

Can Icon Access limit a student-athlete's opportunity for more endorsements in the future?

No! Icon Access is intended to welcome any and every student-athlete to the NIL world, and the more sponsorship opportunities they are presented, the better! There are absolutely zero limitations for this campaign. The athletes are not required to use Icon Source exclusively, nor are they limited from working with any brand in the future, on or off the platform.

Are the student-athletes exclusive to these brands for any period of time?

Absolutely not! Icon Source, along with the brands involved with Icon Access, would never want to limit a student-athlete's ability to capitalize during these exciting times. There is no exclusivity, at all, for this campaign. 1 Instagram post/story or 1 tweet, is all that is requested.

How long can Icon Source use the rights of the student-athletes that post for Icon Access?

Icon Source will have no rights to the student athlete. The post will be a generic post and Icon Source, along with the Icon Access brand partners, are not requesting any rights.

What is Icon Source benefiting from doing this?

Icon Source is dedicated to providing endorsement opportunities for all student-athletes in the new NIL era. We brought this idea to our relationships within the world of iconic brands to allow any and every student-athlete to benefit from the most historic rule change in college sports, the right way!

Why is Icon Source doing this?

Through the first few months of NIL, Icon Source has realized two important things… 1. Brands have a hard time narrowing down what athletes they want to work with, and 2. Many athletes feel like they have no NIL value…which is not true. We decided to launch lcon Access, and many more programs in the future, to provide value for every student-athlete while helping brands streamline a funnel of future student-athletes they will consider to work with on a larger scale.

Is there any exclusivity for opting into Icon Access?

Icon Source does not require any exclusivity, whatsoever. We want to allow any athlete, agent, marketing rep, or brand to facilitate endorsement opportunities on our free marketplace - all while building meaningful and lasting relationships.